Our Roots

Adrian Grenier and Karesse Grenier


The story of International Harvest started with a special sun dried apricot grown in the Himalayan Valley of Hunza, which Karesse Grenier discovered in a small health food store she frequented in NYC circa 1970.  Seven years later, pureed Hunza apricot became her son, Adrian Grenier's first baby food.  Not only did it become a staple in her life, but she shared her discoveries, recipes and healthy eating tips with friends and family.  One of those friends was Robert Sterling (aka 'Bob'), with whom she shared a common interest in organic foods.  Twenty-one years later in 1991, Bob founded International Harvest inspired by just one product ‘Hunza Apricots,’ which was the main product that he sold store to store.  Who knew what the future would bring, that the gift of a single apricot, would be the event that ultimately bonded Karesse, Bob and Adrian as the family behind the success of International Harvest today.  

International Harvest Today

International Harvest is the leading one stop source for all certified organic dried foods, nuts, trail mixes, granolas and other special super foods.   With over 200 branded products, all certified organic, gluten free, vegan and kosher, we our able to serve a wide range of wellness needs.  As a family run business for over 25 years, we are committed to our ongoing mission of inspiring organic eating and a sustainable healthy life-style.


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